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ball bearing slide manufacturers

ball bearing slide manufacturers

ball bearing slide manufacturers & soft close drawer slides

ball bearing slide manufacturers[/caption] Hojooy is among the leading ball bearing slide & heavy duty slide manufacturers in China, with a dedicated design and manufacturing site in Guangdong, the center of industry in China. Our production capacity exceeds 300,000 units a month which makes us highly competitive and sought after.

Some About Our Company

Our success in serving global customers like Dell, Sharp, Honda, and Toyota is based on the fact that we have invested in research and development continuously. Thanks to this, we have won 6 patents for our drawer slides. The HongJu automotive ball bearing slides & soft close drawer slides are the best in quality for use in commercial automobiles. Designed for safety and efficiency, these are highly durable and long-lasting. HongJu offers two ball bearing drawer slide soft close drawer slide is very powerful and strong slide collection models for automotive use & ball bearing slide manufacturers.
  • Half extension model:

    HJ-2704 is the half extension model designed for up to 50 kg weight in
  • automotive ball bearing slide
  • automobiles. It is made with Q235 cold rolled steel with zinc plating in 1.4 mm thickness for additional strength. we are best quality  ball bearing slide manufacturers in china.
  • Full extension model:

    The HJ-5302 is the full extension model designed to support maximum 100 kg load. Also made with Q235 cold rolled steel body with zinc plating, slides/ the HJ-5302 is 2 mm thick.
  • Slide Manufacturers

  • products are made up of high-quality materials. Just have a look at our product range. Looking for the best drawer slides to install in your home, restaurant, or office furniture? At HongJu, we provide a complete range of solutions for all your drawer slide and runner needs.

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