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HOJOOY Ball Bearing Slides for heavy duty slide, drawer slide & cabinet slide  Use – For the Best Support

A ball-bearing heavy duty slide heavy duty slide are an excellent choice for supporting drawers and shelves that are designed to support heavy loads. HOJOOY provides half extension and full extension ball bearing slides to suit your needs.

Heavy duty drawer slide

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Hojooy is among the leading ball bearing slide & heavy duty slide manufacturers in China, with a dedicated design and manufacturing site in Guangdong, the center of industry in China. Our production capacity exceeds 300,000 units a month which makes us highly competitive and sought after.

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What makes Hojooy ball bearing slides the best?

The reason why companies prefer to buy ball bearing glides from Hojooy is for their ability to support heavy weights. This makes them ideal for use in large storage cabinets, filing and archival systems and in factories.

Hojooy was set up in 2011, and since then we have produced ball bearing slides in huge volumes for clients in different industries and for use in various products.

What sets us apart from other ball bearing drawer rails manufacturers is that we use cold rolled steel to make our slides, which makes them capable of supporting heavy loads without any problem. We also apply a zinc coating to prevent corrosion and ensure that our ball bearing slides last longer than others.

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What makes Hojooy ball bearing slides the best?

At HongJu, we provide convenient and lasting industrial solutions through our range of ball bearing slides. These models use ball bearings as a more efficient alternative to roller slides without creating any kind of noise or jerks during motion.

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Ball Bearing Slide

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Heavy Duty Slide

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Heavy duty drawer slide

Drawer Slide

Heavy Duty Slide

Our ball bearing slides are used in various applications, including home and office furniture manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and electrical appliances design.

We provide different ball bearing drawer slide models for light and heavy use. Each model has a unique combination of length, thickness and weight-bearing capacity.

Every model is designed to suit a specific purpose; however, our designs are not locked into certain brands or companies and can be used across the product category.

HongJu ball bearing drawer slides & heavy duty slide  have a higher load rating than conventional roller slides as they can bear up to 150 kg loads, making them useful in many different applications, such as cabinets, automobiles, factories and offices.

Our ball bearing slides are designed to fit in different positions, such as the sides, undermount, hinges, and so on. They are truly a versatile range of slides that maximize the design functionality of your product.

Cost of wholesale ball bearing slides

We are a client-focused company, which is also the reason for our great success in a short period of time. We believe in providing the best quality ball bearing rails and ball bearing drawer runners at an affordable price to our clients.

Basic Fee

The basic fee is the standard price for each model in our ball bearing slide range. The price varies according to the specifications and quality requirements of the client.

Transport Fee

Since we are situation at the center of China’s efficient road and sea network, our transport charges are the most competitive in the industry.

Sample Model Fee

For every customization order, such as side mount drawer slides of a certain size, a sample is manufactured and provided to the client for inspection. A charge for this is added to the total order cost.

Design Fee

The design fee is an additional fee that applies only to bespoke or OEM products. It is calculated according to the extent of customization required by the client.

Additional Charges

These include taxes, duties and any other charges applied by the local authorities. All clients are notified of these charges at the time of order placement.

Staggered payments

Clients can opt for our instalment payment model, which can be designed according to their needs.

One-time payment

Clients who prefer to pay the total amount upfront can do so under our one-time payment system.

Production and delivery

We understand that our clients work on strict timelines and depend on us to meet their production schedules. Our tested production and delivery systems ensure that you receive your order for ball bearing runners or slides as promised.

Step 1

Designing and prototyping

In this stage, the ideal ball bearing slide model is identified from the catalogue. If unavailable, a bespoke model is designed and prepared for prototyping.

Step 3


Every item is packed at our warehouse and is stored until it is ready for delivery to the client.

automotive ball bearing slide

Step 2


This is the second stage where the approved ball bearing slide design is produced in the agreed quantity by adhering to the material and quality specifications.



This is the final stage where the order is shipped to the client according to their preferred mode of transport.

Steps of Hojooy ball bearing slide manufacturing

Want to know how we manufacture the best ball bearing slides in the industry? Learn about our simple manufacturing process:

heavy duty slide Production Team


Cold rolled steel design

The best cold rolled steel is used to manufacture the plates from which the components are punched out and designed.


Anti-rust coating

Every part and component is then coated with a protective layer of zinc to extend its useful life and avoid any damage due to rusting.



In the punching stage, all the required components are derived from the treated steel according to exact ball bearing slide size and design specifications.



The components are then put together into the desired configuration at our dedication on-site assembly unit which helps us reduce the manufacturing time considerably.


Quality assurance

Quality assurance lies at the heart of our manufacturing process, which helps us to ensure that every unit that the client receives is 100% compliant with the agreed specifications.

Why are Hojooy ball bearing slides highly reliable?

These are just a few questions that we are glad to answer about the quality and service standards of our ball bearing glides.

Have you worked with international clients?

Despite being relatively new in the industry, we have built close relationships with the most renown brands in the world, for example, Dell in the electronics industry and Honda in the automotive industry.

What guarantees do you offer?

We have several patented ball bearing drawer slide designs which gives us the confidence to promise 100% delivery according to the client’s specifications.

How do you transport orders?

We offer multiple delivery and transport options to our clients due to our excellent relationships within the transport network.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Each order is different and requires a different delivery time. However, we provide standard and premium delivery options depending on the urgency.

Is there a minimum order I should place?

At HongJu, we believe in serving all clients, regardless of their order size. Our flexible manufacturing processes enable us to complete large and small orders equally well.

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