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HOJOOY Drawer Slides for Home and Commercial Use – The Best in Class

Looking for the best drawer slides to install in your home, restaurant or office furniture? At HongJu, we provide a complete range of solutions for all your drawer slide and runner needs.

Heavy duty drawer slide

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Hojooy is one of the top steel drawer slide and cabinet drawer rails manufacturers in the country and is based in the industrial hub of Guangdong, China. We produce thousands of units every month and have been serving several leading global brands for more than 10 years.

automotive ball bearing slide
soft close drawer slides

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Why should you buy drawer slides from us?

At Hojooy, our focus is always on the client’s needs. In every industry, the requirements for drawers are different depending on their use, design and material.

Since we began operations in 2011, we have worked with numerous clients to complete hundreds of drawer runner orders with 100% client satisfaction.

All of our drawer slides are made with cold-rolled steel which makes them stronger than any other brand and well-suited for any kind of furniture. Our drawer slides are also zinc-coated to increase their longevity by minimizing the corrosion risk.

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Some of our leading drawer slide features

Drawer slides add to the functionality of drawers by providing support to the unit according to its length, width, thickness and extension. HongJu provides the best drawer glides in the industry in terms of strength, durability, performance and quality.

heavy duty slide

Ball Bearing Slide

Drawer Slide

Electrical Ball Bearing Slide

Heavy Duty Slide

Soft Close Slide

Heavy duty drawer slide

Drawer Slide

Heavy Duty Slide

We provide world-class drawer slide designs to manufacturers of office and home furniture, automobiles, heavy machinery and many other industries throughout China and beyond. HongJu drawer glides are designed to suit every drawer design, including trays, shelving units, and cabinets used in various industrial and residential design.

All of Hojooy’s drawer slides are manufactured with Q235 cold rolled steel, which makes it very strong and capable of supporting loads up to 150 kg, depending on the specific model. In addition, every drawer slide has a zinc plating that enhances its appearance, strength and durability, making it a great investment for our clients.

Our drawer runner slide designs include special models with unique features like soft close, push to open, undermount fitting, half and full extension, and many others.

How much do I pay for drawer slide?

As Hojooy provides customized sliding drawer hardware solutions according to the needs of our clients, we provide bespoke as well as off-the-shelf models. As such, the price depends on the range of customization. Here are a few components that affect the wholesale cost.

Standard Fee

This is the standard charge for different drawer slide models, e.g. hinge drawer slide, varying according to the length, thickness and load capacity of the slides

Delivery Fee

Our proximity to major ports and highways allows us to offer competitive delivery services at the lowest possible cost.

Prototype Fee

This is the fee that is charged for designing a prototype model for purposes of sampling, such as for customized dresser drawer slides or groove drawer runners.

Customization Fee

A charge is added for any customization in terms of modifying the length or other dimensions of the drawer slide

Extraneous Charges

Taxes are applied according to specific jurisdictions. In addition, penalties may be applied for violating any contractual terms.

Instalment payments

We offer flexible payment methods to our clients, especially for long-term projects.

Lump sum payment

Clients may also choose to make a complete upfront payment at the time of placing their order.

Speed and quality standards

At Hojooy, we believe that our success rests on the success of our clients. Hence, at every step of our processes, we strive to deliver according to the agreed quality, volume, and timelines.

Step 1

Product design

The optimum drawer slide model that serves the client’s design needs is selected or designed, depending on the nature of the product.

Step 3


We have an inhouse packaging facility to ensure that all products are packaged for direct delivery to the customer as soon as manufacturing is complete.

automotive ball bearing slide

Step 2


Manufacturing time for small or large orders varies according to quantity and can range from a week to a month.



Due to our close proximity to the Shenwan Port, our transportation time for clients in China and overseas is the shortest.

The manufacturing process of drawer slides

Here is what goes into manufacturing the best steel drawer slides:

heavy duty slide Production Team


Cold rolling

Our drawer slides are made with cold rolled steel which makes them stronger than hot rolled steel models.


Zinc plating

The steel is plated with a fine coating of zinc which protects the slide from rusting due to exposure to moisture.



This is the stage where the steel is designed into the specific model with the correct length, width and thickness specifications.



Here, the drawer glides are assembled while strict QA measures are taken to ensure that only 100% compliant pieces are forwarded for packaging.


Quality Checks

Another round of quality checks is carried out to ensure that every item sent to the client meets HongJu’s quality and design standards.

How are we better than other drawer slide manufacturers?

Here are some interesting facts about HongJu that our clients must know.

How much experience do you have?

We are a very young and dynamic company and have worked with some of the biggest brands like Toyota and Dell among others.

What if my order gets damaged?

We have a highly competent and qualified team of engineers who have designed patented models to ensure that our products are long-lasting.

How are products shipped?

We ship our products by using the Shenwan Port services for international clients.

What is the standard delivery time?

Depending on the size of the order, we offer the fastest delivery times in the industry due to our flexible manufacturing processes.

What is the minimum order size?

We do not have a minimum order size. Clients can place an order of their desired amount and we will produce it accordingly.

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