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Soft Close Drawer Slide

The HongJu soft close drawer slides provide silence and safety, moving your drawers without noise. The hydraulic mechanism requires just a light push and prevents injury to your fingers.

HongJu offers four models of self closing drawer slides for different uses:

  • Home furniture: HJ-668 and HJ-886 are lighter models and measure 300 to 500 mm. They are made with galvanized sheet and can support up to 35 kg loads.
  • Commercial furniture: The HJ-4505 model measures 250 to 700 mm and features a Q235 cold rolled steel body with zinc plating. It’s ideal for commercial furniture, soft close drawer slides & withstands loads up to 50 kg.
  • Heavy duty use: The heavy use HJ-5301 measures 300 to 1500 mm. Its soft close drawer slides & runners can support up to 100 kg.

What Our Clients Say

James Morgan
James Morgan@jamesmorgan
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I would always recommend HJ Slide because this is one of the best companies in the business.
Ahmed Robley
Ahmed Robley@ahmed-robley
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I will definitely use HJ Slide again the quality they provide is unmatchable. Highly recommended.
David Backen
David Backen@david-backen
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When it comes to quality and relaiable sliders solution I would say first company would be HJ Slide.
Stephanie John
Stephanie John@stephanie-john
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HJ Slides never disappoint me, the quality and after sales servers they provide are exceptional.

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