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Soft Close Drawer Slide

The HongJu automotive ball bearing slides & soft close drawer slides are the best in quality for use in commercial automobiles. Designed for safety and efficiency, these are highly durable and long-lasting.

HongJu offers two ball bearing drawer slide

soft close drawer slide is very powerful and strong slide collection

models for automotive use:

  • Half extension model: HJ-2704 is the half extension model designed for up to 50 kg weight in automobiles. It is made with Q235 cold rolled steel with zinc plating in 1.4 mm thickness for additional strength. automotive ball bearing slides
  • Full extension model: The HJ-5302 is the full extension model designed to support maximum 100 kg load. Also made with Q235 cold rolled steel body with zinc plating, slides/ the HJ-5302 is 2 mm thick.
  • We provide High Quality  & powerful Soft Close Drawer Slide in world wide. we are always committed to our Quality

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James Morgan
James Morgan@jamesmorgan
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I would always recommend HJ Slide because this is one of the best companies in the business.
Ahmed Robley
Ahmed Robley@ahmed-robley
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I will definitely use HJ Slide again the quality they provide is unmatchable. Highly recommended.
David Backen
David Backen@david-backen
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When it comes to quality and relaiable sliders solution I would say first company would be HJ Slide.
Stephanie John
Stephanie John@stephanie-john
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HJ Slides never disappoint me, the quality and after sales servers they provide are exceptional.

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