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Heavy duty drawer slide

  • Double-tiered double row slide rails:

    The HJ-3535 is the premium Heavy duty drawer slide tiered drawer slide for use in heavy-duty machinery and equipment. Its 900 mm fully extended length and 1.4 mm thickness allows it to withstand loads of 100 kg quite comfortably.

  • Double-tiered Heavy duty drawer slide rails:

    As a premium heavy duty full extension drawer slide, the HJ-4001 is perfect for use in heavy duty machinery as it can support 100 kg when fully extended to 700 mm.

  • Three-section slide rails:

    The HJ-5303 heavy duty slide gives excellent functionality and support to all kinds of machines in supporting weights up to 100 kg. Its maximum extension capacity is 1500 mm.

  • Self-locking slide rails:

    The HJ-7601 comes with a convenient self-locking feature to secure any load up to 150 kg while extending up to 1800 mm. These heavy duty ball bearing slides can be used in tooling equipment, machines and in automobiles.

  •  Three-section heavy duty slide rails:

    The HJ-7602 is a full extension model with a maximum length of 1800 mm and 150 kg load-bearing capacity, making its Heavy duty drawer slide track ideal for use in heavy machinery.

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James Morgan
James Morgan@jamesmorgan
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I would always recommend HJ Heavy duty drawer slide rails because this is one of the best companies in the business.
Ahmed Robley
Ahmed Robley@ahmed-robley
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I will definitely use HJ Heavy duty drawer slide Slide again the quality they provide is unmatchable. Highly recommended.
David Backen
David Backen@david-backen
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When it comes to quality and reliable Heavy duty drawer slide rails sliders solution I would say first company would be HJ Slide.
Stephanie John
Stephanie John@stephanie-john
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HJ Slides never disappoint me, the quality and after sales servers they provide are exceptional.

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