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HongJu offers an exclusive range of soft close drawer slides which provide a premium experience in home and office furniture design. These slides minimize friction and noise while maximizing comfort and uniformity in movement.

soft close drawer slides

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Why opt for HongJu soft close slides

HongJu’s soft close drawer slides and soft close drawer runners are ideally designed to be used in drawers for home, office and car products, be it desks, bedside tables, cabinets and shelving racks. These slides come with additional features like push-to-open and noise dampening design.

Since 2011, HongJu has been leading the curve in the design and manufacture of soft close drawer slides. These are produced on-site at our Zhongshan factory by using the latest and most modern design and production technology.

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Wide variety of soft close slide products

For any kind of drawers, cabinets or internal shelving, our soft close drawer slides are the best in the industry as far as quality and performance are concerned.

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soft close drawer slides

Heavy duty drawer slide

Drawer Slide

Heavy Duty Slide

HongJu soft close drawer slides are designed for undermount drawers and use an excellent hydraulic mechanism to completely eliminate noise during movement. Our soft close slides guarantee that every time you open or shut a drawer or cabinet, you will enjoy a uniform experience.

Our soft close drawer slides  are popular with electrical equipment manufacturers, furniture designers and automotive manufacturers since they offer a premium experience to the users.

Thanks to our non-stop investment in design research, our soft close rails are equipped with a hydraulic dampening system that requires the user to exert the slightest of force to open and shut the drawer or cabinet. Our soft close slides are ideal for environments where soft close drawers, cabinet doors, filing systems, trays, etc. have to be opened and shut repeatedly, several times a day.

HongJu soft close slides are our premium offering as they provide 100% noise-free and smooth movement. Even if you try, you cannot slam a drawer shut as long as it is fitted with a HongJu soft close slide.

Pricing of HongJu soft close slides

We offer competitive wholesale rates to our customers, due to which our soft close slides are always in high demand.

Basic cost

The basic cost is the first component of the price and represents the unit price for any of HongJu’s soft close slides.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs are calculated according to the standard shipping and freight rates and can vary from day to day.

Sample charges

This charge is applied to cover the cost of developing a fresh prototype, for example, soft close soft close drawer slides & runners in customized sizes, before commencing work on the entire batch.

Whole payment

Under this model, clients can pay the entire cost of their order before production begins.

Customization Charge

The customization charge is applied when customers request for a customized design that is built from scratch according to their requirements.

Miscellaneous charges

Taxes are applied according to the current regulations while other fees may be charged for late payment or non-compliance with the agreed terms

Part payment package

Customers can opt for the part payment package to make the payment in manageable instalments.

Cost of production and delivery

We keep our costs of production and delivery under control by adhering to the basic steps listed below.

Step 1

Product design

This can happen in two ways. One, the client chooses their preferred design, such as soft close drawer glides from the catalog. Alternatively, they can request a customized design that the HongJu team will develop for them.

Step 3

Preparing for shipment

At this stage, the completed products are packed securely to protect against any damage. They are shipped to be stored in the warehouse.

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Step 2


This is the production stage where the approved design is mass produced to meet the order quantity specified by the client.



When the time for delivery nears, the order is retrieved from the warehouse and handed over to the shipping partner for delivery to the customer.

The production process of soft close drawer slides

Our production process is the most efficient at providing our clients the solutions to their needs. Every step ensures that quality and safety are enshrined into the process.

heavy duty slide Production Team


Q235 cold-rolled steel

Q235 cold-rolled steel is the benchmark for making high-performance soft close drawer slides and at HongJu we use only the best quality Q235 cold-rolled steel for our products.


Zinc-coated rust protection

The steel is coated with a film of zinc metal to prolong the life of the product and reduce the chances of corrosion through exposure or repeated use.



Punching is an industrial process for shaping steel into the desired components and parts. At HongJu, we have an in-house punching facility that allows us to closely inspect each batch of soft close drawer runners for quality.



Our factory also houses a well-equipped assembly unit where each item is brought together under strict time and quality management controls.


Quality checking

Quality management ensures that no item leaves the shop floor without having been inspected for quality. Only approved items are passed on to the next stage.

Why HongJu soft close slides are the best

With so many manufacturers making soft close slides, the question arises as to what makes HongJu so remarkable. Here are the answers to some of the most popular queries we receive.

Do you design soft close drawer slides inhouse?

Yes, every model in our soft close slide range is designed by our team of six engineers. We also own patents for some of the most exclusive designs.

Do you have any international certifications?

Yes, we hold the ISO 9001 since 2013 and the IATF16949 certification, which gives our customers the confidence to work with us.

Any guarantees for timely delivery?

Our strategic location means that we always have access to reliable means of transport, be it by rail, road or sea.

How do you ensure quality?

We have robust mechanisms in place to ensure that quality checks are performed both during and after production. Moreover, we have the highest rates of customer satisfaction and repeat orders, which proves that our quality management is second to none.

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