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HongJu Heavy Duty Slide Range – Gives Premium Performance

A heavy duty drawer slide is mandatory for use in products that involve huge load management, such as vehicles, heavy machinery and furniture. HongJu’s range of heavy duty slides offers an option for your exact needs.

Heavy duty drawer slide

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As one of the most dynamic manufacturers of heavy duty drawer runners and slides, HongJu takes great pride at serving clients around the world and supporting their commercial processes. Be it home design, industrial processes or automotive use, our heavy duty slides are the symbol of reliable performance.

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Benefits of HongJu Heavy Duty slides

Heavy duty slides involve a lot of precision and risk, especially where safety is concerned. This is because heavy duty slides are used in areas where heavy load management is involved, such as factories, in automobiles and in storage facilities.

HongJu began production of heavy duty slides in 2011 at our own production facility which today spreads across 500 square miles and is organized into three main divisions—punching, rolling and assembly. Hence, we are fully aware of the ins and outs of drawer slide design.

Due to this feature, we are able to closely monitor every stage of the production process to guarantee that our heavy duty ball bearing drawer slides are completely safe and reliable for heavy use.

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Complete range of heavy duty slides

HongJu’s heavy duty drawer slides are designed to provide 100% support to heavy loads up to 150 kg. This makes them an ideal solution for designing heavy machinery and equipment that need to handle heavy and bulky weights.

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Heavy duty drawer slide

Drawer Slide

Heavy Duty Slide

Safety is paramount in how we design our heavy duty drawer runners and other slides. We take pride in using only the best Q235 cold rolled steel to manufacture our slides. Every slide is then plated with a coating of zinc to increase its strength. There is absolutely no risk of breakage or corrosion thanks to these aspects of our manufacturing.

Our heavy duty drawer slide rails are thicker than most of the heavy duty slides on the market, which makes us the primary choice of leading brands like Nissan, Honda, Toyota and Dell.

These heavy duty slides offer several other enhanced features, such as soft close to maximize comfort during handling. Our robust QA systems ensure that every HongJu heavy duty drawer slide meets the stated weight-bearing capacity without compromising at any stage.

Each slide is designed to complete thousands of cycles without losing its performance. Due to this, our slides are used in myriad applications, including cars, electrical devices and heavy machinery. For special requirements, we offer customized solutions to our clients according to their manufacturing and design needs.

Wholesale price components for heavy duty slides

We provide attractive wholesale terms to our clients, which makes our heavy duty drawer slide range the most competitively priced on the market.

Standard cost

The standard cost applies for the products currently in our heavy duty slide catalog.

Transportation costs

The total transportation costs are calculated according to the distance as well as other factors including port charges.

Prototype costs

These costs are incurred when the client requests for a bespoke slide for heavy duty drawers. A prototype is first developed for client approval and the cost is charged to the final bill.

Upfront payment

Clients are also welcome make the 100% payment with their order.

Bespoke Fee

This is an additional fee that clients pay for bespoke or customization services for designing industrial drawer slides as per their requirements.

Miscellaneous costs

These costs, such as processing fees, taxes and other fees are added to the total cost and shared with the client.

Instalment payment plan

We offer clients a customer-friendly instalment payment plan to make staggered payments for their order.

Manufacturing and transport

Manufacturing and transport efficiency are critical to our ability to service our clients well and provide on-time delivery of heavy drawer slides. Our 4-step process ensures that we achieve this goal every time.

Step 1

The design stage

The first step is the selection of desired design from our existing range. If unavailable, then the requirements are collected from the client to design bespoke heavy duty slides, such as extra-long heavy duty drawer slides or other customized models.

Step 3

Packaging and storage

The manufactured quantities are packaged after thorough inspected and transported to the warehouse where they are stored under safe conditions until time for delivery.

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Step 2


The second step is the manufacturing stage where the materials are sources and the products are manufactured according to the specified measurements.



The complete order is delivered to the client at the given address as per the mode of transport selected by them.

How are HongJu heavy duty slides manufactured?

The reason why we are so confident about our heavy duty drawer slide solutions is because we have complete faith in our manufacturing process.

heavy duty slide Production Team


Preparing the steel

The steel treatment is the foundation of our durable and reliable products. We use Q235 steel along with the best alloys in the design of our products.



Zinc-plating is an essential step of our production process which guarantees that the heavy duty slide will remain safe from corrosion and chemical damage.



Punching helps us to get the components and parts down to the correct size so that optimum performance and security of HongJu heavy duty drawer slide rails can be ensured.



At our assembly facility, the components are assembled according to the predetermined design and client-approved specifications.


Quality management

At HongJu, we implement rigorous testing methods to ensure that only models that are 100% compliant with the stated use are allowed to proceed to the packaging stage.

Reasons for choosing heavy duty slides from HongJu

There are many reasons why you should order your heavy duty slides from us. Read on to learn what these reasons are.

You are a relatively new company. Can you work on international orders?

Our heavy duty slide production quality is at par with some of the oldest companies in the industry. This is why leading brands like Sharp and Toyota prefer us for their heavy duty slides.

Is your quality reliable?

We have ISO 9001 and IATF16949 certifications to guarantee that our heavy duty slides will keep your work environment completely safe and hazard-free.

Do you deliver on time?

We have an enviable track record of on-time delivery to local and foreign clients, even during the disruptive Covid-19 pandemic.

What is the typical order delivery time?

We require between 2 to 4 weeks to deliver products anywhere in the world. However, we can arrange for urgent deliveries at an additional charge.

Do you require a minimum volume to be ordered?

We believe in nurturing relationships with clients, which is why we welcome orders of any size and volume from our clients.

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